Fall Fun Fest 2018 Raffle Baskets Are HERE!!

Cooking with Kids 20181015_123953

2 macaroni and cheese boxes
1 cornbread mix
1 pancake mix
1 cupcake mix and sprinkles
1 muffin cup set
1 cupcake holder
1 apron
2 chef’s hats
3 spatulas
1 mixing bowl and measuring spoon and cup set
1 measuring cups set
1 measuring spoon set
3 kitchen towels
2 oven and hand mitts
Recipe box with recipe cards
Cake decorating set
2 cookie cutters
1 whisk
1 spaghetti pack
2 miso soup packs
2 icing tubes
1 pack cooking mini tools
1 pack cutting board
1 food chopper

Family Game Night20181015_124058

3: Disney Xfinity Toy Box starter pack( with Tinkerbell, Hulk, Captain America, Thor)
In the morning sun 500 piece puzzle,
Solid wood Mancala
Go Fish two in one playing card set,
Uno with customizable wildcards
Blue Bicycle standard playing cards
Roasted seaweed pack(6)
Hot chocolate,
Roasted edamame,
Trolli sour bites,
Taste Oasis dried chili mango & papaya and pineapple bites


Seasonal Decor
Dio de los Muertos dercative garland
kit kat
$25.00 Safeway Giftcard


Camouflage backpack,
2 Olinda water bottles,
4 bugables mosquito repellent
fair trade bark thins,
Ocean Spray Craisins fruit and cranberry clusters,
spearmint gum,
coconut water,
first aid kit,
Neutrogena sunscreen,
herbal insect aromatherapy soap,
4 kind bars
Bay Area hiking trails guide,
Blue Diamond almonds natural,
Pocky chocolate sticks,
true jerky,
Orchard Valley Harvest omega-3 bites,
pride of Dakota pretzels sticks,
telescoping hiking Stix

Movie Night


4 Cinemark movie passes
1 family size gray blanket,
1 Ultra Plush Blanket hoodie Huggle
1 pack of 8 serving bags of Trader Joe’s kettle corn,
2 boxes of Sour Patch Kids, one box of Junior Mints,
1 box of Reese’s Pieces,
2 boxes of Milk Duds, one box of Raisinets,
1 box of peanut M&Ms,
1 box of Skittles,
1 box of Swedish Fish,
1 bag of candy corn popcorn,
1 bag of Red Vines comma a set of 4 popcorn containers
Walt Disney’s Underdog,
Sid the Science Kid Sid spooky Halloween spectacular
Team Hot Wheels the origin of Awesome comma
Hotel Transylvania



1 hoopster Waste Paper basket,
1 Wilson football,
1 little stick lacrosse set,
1 Baden mini size basketball,
1 Fitness Factor jump rope,
1 Champion resistance band
1 and power brand walking weight set,
1 baseball,
1 may mouth workout towel set,
1 Wilson March Madness Mini Hoop set

Disaster Kit20181015_124444

Plastic Supply box,
Flashlight small,
Large Flashlight
Hard hat,
Coleman sound-and-light 360 degree radio,
Waterproof matches,
Mini Duraflame fire starting kit
Emergency rope,
Microban Key chain
1 ax,
crank radio and Flashlight,
emergency window breaker
(2) Life straw personal water filter
Ice Pack
Ankle Wap and other first aide items

His and Her compass fire starter for the wrist



OverWatch Collectibles poster book,
The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis,
Jack and the Geniuses at the bottom of the World by Bill Nye the Science Guy, Ungifted by Gordon Korman
Dirt by Denise gosliner orenstein
The secret Grave by Lois Ruby
Unschooled by Allan Woodrow,
Titanic Young Survivors by Allan Zullo
3 Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them magical movie handbook
Pet Trouble Runaway Retriever by T.T. Sutherland
Mockingbird by Kathryn Erstine,
Crime Bitters Dog Day After School by Tommy Greenwald
Star Wars Trilogy A New Hope by Ryder Windham,
50 amazing states by Scholastic



cookie sheet set,
two-piece kitchen tool stainless steel spoon spatula
1 oven mitt, set of pot holders,
1 set of measuring cups, 1 spatula ,
1 cake boss spatula set,
1 Mini utensil set,
1 cupcake injector Decorating set with eight assorted tips,
4 multicolored sprinkles sets from Wilton,
1 Pillsbury chocolate fudge frosting
1 creamy white Supreme Pillsbury frosting,
1 strawberry creamy Supreme frosting,
1 Krusteaz orange cranberry Supreme muffin mix,
1 vanilla Funfetti frosting,
1 vanilla Funfetti premium cupcake mix,
1 box of Pillsbury yellow cake mix,
1 box of Pillsbury Strawberry mix,
1 box of Pillsbury devil’s food mix,
1 bag of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix,
1 bag of Betty Crocker oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix,
1 pack of 20 simply baked paper baking cups,
1 package of 75 baking cups
chocolate cupcake and Frosting mix set when Mixing Bowl,
1 Mini rolling pin,
1 kitchen towel, One Mini 6 muffin tin,
1 set of measuring spoons, one whisk,
1 stainless steel cookie scoop


Arts & Crafts20181015_124658

1 pack of 50 sheets 12 by 18 construction paper,
one scrapbook case container,
one set of 16 to Oz craft smart satin acrylic paint,
1 pearlescent watercolor pan set,
1 watercolor pad 12 by 9 in,
1 set of 25 peace brush set
1 celebrated 4 + 8 piece ribbon set,
1 pack of Halloween themed googly eyes and pom poms and pipe cleaner set,
1 sketchpad artist Loft 75 sheet 12 by 9 in,
1 50 sheet pack of 8.5 x 11 cardstock,
6 rolls of decorative duct tape
1 pack of Crayola scented markers,
1 pack of Stanley Jewel milk all-purpose glue,
1 22 piece set of colored pencils,
1 paintable crate

Date Night

Luxuriously soft Calvin Klein blanket,

Full body massage glove,
love quench body spray,
goodnight hundred percent pure essential aromatherapy oil
gift of love body spray,
Aroma Theory therapy coconut oil
scented candle,
wine stopper,
Los Cero’s Mexican Grill gift card,
stemmed wine glasses,
Indigo eyes 2016 Chardonnay
Castle Rock 2012 Pinot Noir
Cinemak Gift Card



Deep cleansing wash off mask with charcoal,
3 bags of Dead Sea bathing salts with colloidal oatmeal,
1 back scrubbing brush,
relax shea butter and lavender honey soap,
perfumed shea butter and midnight Gardens Wildflower soap,
Spa creations Superstar glitter mask,
Destiny Boutique lavender flower water,
1 back massager,
1 bag of Himalayan bathing sea salts with seaweed and lemon,
2 bars of goat’s milk soap,
Nature’s Secrets luxurious body care coconut and sweet Orange
coconut and lemongrass oil lotion
goat milk bath lotion x 2,
lip balm with beeswax goat milk and cream,
Phisoderm clear confidence
Phisoderm face scrub
Ocean Breeze with Argan Oil liquid hand and body soap
French lavender bubble bath



Jiffy professional Greenhouse grows 72 perimeter plants,
6 bags of Jiffy pots 26 each,
3 bags of Jiffy 7 peat pellets 25 each,
1 package of Ferry Morse plant labels,
large terracotta pot,
assortment of vegetable seeds:tomato,
cucumber, radish, lettuce, turnip,pepper, cantaloupe, squash, carrot, onion, cabbage, baby lettuce mix,
1 large terracotta pot with mulch,
1 Garden cultivator,
1 Fiskars garden tool set,
1 ceramic bird,
1 pair of gardening gloves,
1 birdhouse with Windchime,
1 metal watering can ,
1 Rose succulent

Home Improvement


1 jjHome Depot bucket 5 gallon
1 common Nails ornament 98 pieces,
1 virtually unbreakable LED 50 Lumen mini pen light,
1 Ryobi drill bit set,
1 $25 gift card,
1 roll of leopard duct tape,
1 set of floral gardening gloves,
2 tape measures: 1 Ryobi 25 foot tape measure 1 anvil 25 foot tape measure
1 Anvil hammer
1 Anvil interchangeable blade screwdriver set,
1 husky 3-piece pliers and wrench set,
1 Anvil 5 piece scissor set,
1 three-piece latex paints and stains brushes,
1 Nature’s Way Cedar Advanced bird feeder,
1 $15 gift card to Home Depot,
1 retractable utility knife, one retractable snap off knife set,
1 Husky tool belt


Coffee & Tea20181015_125755

Stash pomegranate raspberry green tea
stash premium green tea,
2 priouline cream filled wafers
stash English breakfast tea, chocolate-covered espresso balls
stash Meyer lemon green tea,
Belgium’s almond coffee biscotti
$10 Krispy Kreme gift card,
Starbucks cafe Verona
dibella biscotti comma
lion pound of coffee,
biologique chamomile tea
Starbucks cold brew coffee vanilla fig
Mini French press
2 White mugs,
1 blue and gold ceramic Starbucks traveler
3 rise maybe Blues Travelers
2 Graphic mugs
1lb Starbucks Sumatra in decorative cannister
12 months of coffee one pound per month from Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Warriors Tickets Lower Level
Sat Nov 10, 2018 vs Nets20181015_140248
Warriors Tickets Upper Level
Thurs February 21, 2019 vs Kings20181015_140349
Sarah’s Science


Disneyland Family 4-Pack


Tickets are available 12/2018 and are good 12/2018-12/2020