Fall Fun Fest


We need all hands on deck for our Fall Fun Fest! The Olinda Fall Fun Fest is hands down our largest fundraiser of the year raising over $10,000.00! All of which goes directly to the teachers. Our teachers are wonderful and would love to give our students the best learning experience, so in return, we want to help raise funds for that experience. There are many ways to help with the Fall Fun Fest:

  • Contribute to your class raffle basket
  • Sign up to help with you class game booth on the day of the Fest
  • Sign up to help feed all of those hungry attendees in the kitchen
  • Sell raffle tickets to friends, family and community members
  • Donate chips, water, sodas, juices to our concessions
  • Donate Pumpkins (mid-size) to our Pumpkin Bingo booth ( we need 25 in total)
  • Donate or make cakes for our cake walk game booth (bring in on the day before or the day of)
  • Loan us your pop-up (ez up style) shades, large ice chests, and electric roasting pans.
Preview 2018 Raffle Baskets

And don’t forget to come on out and have a GREAT TIME.