Dungeons and Dragons (Wednesdays)


Ever wonder how role-playing games work?  Do you have an interest in creating your own world, characters, and stories with your friends? Students will get hands-on experience in table top role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons (and others!) under the guidance of parent volunteer Lee Gorton.  These games teach students the basics of RP games and how to create a detailed and consistent world from their own imagination.  Unlike a published board or video game in which the choices and story are already created, all of the players are in charge of the story and must improvise and react to situations that arise as the game is played.  Teamwork and collaboration will be emphasized, and students will discover a fun way to practice and develop skills such as critical-thinking, empathy, and problem-solving (creating consistent characters, understanding their strengths and weakness, deciding best character actions, what to do when they fail, etc), as well as math and writing skills (tracking character statistics and the consequences, character development, histories, experiences, possessions acquired, alliances formed or broken, etc). 


Students need to agree to classroom norms and behavior expectations. Strong writing ability or willingness to write complex storylines and develop characters is required. Needs to be responsible for notes and bringing materials to class.


3rd graders who feel they can meet these class expectations may attend by request. However, parents of 3rd graders will need to make arrangements for supervision between school dismissal and D&D class start.


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Wednesday 1:20-2:50PM
Grades: 4th-6th
Room: Library
Instructor: Ms. Lee

Class Dates:
Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25
Nov. 8, 15, 29
Dec. 6
(No School Nov. 1 & 22)



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