Uniform Policy

Olinda is a uniform school, therefore please make sure students wear uniforms on a daily basis.

Research has shown use of school uniforms enhances school safety, improves the learning environment, reduces ethnic and racial tensions, bridges socioeconomic differences between children, promotes good behavior, improves children’s self-respect and self-esteem, and produces cost savings for participating families.  


Our uniform colors are khaki, dark blue and white.

Olinda t-shirts may be worn every Friday and the last Friday of the month will be a designated free dress day.

In order to promote a college/school and career readiness campus, students may also wear college gear every Friday. This environment lends itself to the learning process, therefore we will maintain our Olinda College wall in the hallway.  We welcome insignias and mascots from colleges/schools attended by our parent and staff community. If your college is not embodied on our college wall, please share a poster, banner or other memorabilia so you can represent!