Misc. Opportunities

There Are So Many Ways to Help Out at Olinda!

It’s up to us to create an exceptional school.

State funding only goes so far, providing a bare minimum in educational materials and resources.  A public school can thrive or decline depending on the support of its local community.  Olinda is our school – our kids spend their days here – so please consider what you can do to make our school even better than it is.  The Olinda PTA is a great resource for information and opportunities to get involved at your school.  Not all of us have loads of time or money to donate – but there are many ways to make a difference, and one might fit with your situation.  Please take a look at our list – if it’s on here, we DO need the help!   And if there’s another way you’d like to become involved – let us know.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Take the 2 Hour Power Pledge and we will match you to your interests for a 2 hour time commitment.  You can try out a short amount of volunteer time with no further commitment required.

Support You Can Do On Your Own Time:   (Volunteer badge not required)

  • E-Scrips Coordinator: Maintain/Update our cash-back accounts such as Land’s End, Lucky’s SHARES, Raley’s Something Extra, etc.
  • Box Tops Coordinator: collect & record number of Box Tops for each class during Drive (2 per year), send in Box Tops, total numbers for each class to determine prize winner(s).   Organize ice cream party or alternative rewards for winning class(es).
  • Grantwriter: there’s money out there to fund additions to our activities, if we had a few people good at researching and/or writing.  Could that be you?
  • Language Translation:   Language should not be a barrier for a parent who wants to be informed or involved in their child’s school.  Bilingual parents can provide crucial support by helping to translate written information and by acting as translators when needed.

Short Commitments:

  • Help at a one-time Event
    • Family Fun Nights, Educational Events, Fall Fun Fest, Book Fair, Fun Run & more.
  • Volunteer to be the Crossing Guard: morning, afternoon, or both.  Be the kids’ hero and keep them safe!  (WCCUSD Badge required)
    • Needed mornings: 8:15-8:35 am
    • Needed afternoons: 2:15-2:55 pm, except Wednesdays: 1:40-2:20pm
  • Help Out at Recess  (WCCUSD Badge required)
  • ASEP chaperone: Volunteer to be the parent chaperone for the class your student enrolls in, and get your class fee refunded to you.  (WCCUSD Badge required)  Time commitment: 1.5 hours/week for  8 weeks.

Open Committees Or Event Planning:

  • Join the SSC: Nominations being accepted now – ask at the school office.
  • Fall Fun Fest Planning: planning is just starting in the following areas: food, games, performances, vendors, donations, volunteer coordination.  Time commitment: 2-8 hours per week (your choice) until October 18. 
  • Fundraiser Planning: help plan the other fundraisers this year:  Spaghetti Dinner, Spring Fun Run, Monthly Raffle, and Silent Auction/Dinner. Time commitment: varies; your choice.
  • Classroom/School Volunteer: there are many different opportunities to volunteer in class or at school.  (WCCUSD Badge required) Time commitment: varies; your choice.
  • Family Fun Event Planning: Help create fun events for our school community.  Volunteer for one event or more, your choice.  Many events are possible depending on interests of volunteers.  Examples: Movie Night, Dance Night, Bingo Night, Chuck E. Cheese Night, and Socials. Time commitment: varies; your choice.
  • Educational Event Planning: Can be either family events or parent education, depending on interests of volunteers.  Examples:  Internet Safety, Bullying Education, Reading Night, Math Night.  Time commitment: varies; your choice.
  • Room Parent: support your child’s class and teacher by helping with classroom tasks, and being the link between the PTA and the classroom.   Sign-up sheet available from your teacher or the PTA.   (WCCUSD Badge required to help in class)  Time commitment: 2-6 hours/month, some during school hours.
  • Programs Planning: Help to organize and plan our After School Enrichment Classes, In-Class Drama Workshops, and other programs.  Time commitment: varies; mostly needed in Dec-February.

See anything you like, or want more info?  We want to hear from you!  Please email: olindaptavolunteer@gmail.com