Join Us

The Olinda PTA strives to follow through with the schools mission statement :

“Olinda provides a safe and supportive environment where all students can develop to their fullest academically, emotionally and socially. Our goal is to partner with parents and the community to ensure that all students are college and career ready.”

Join us in being a part of a group of supportive community members dedicated to the  success of our children and their education!

The PTA brings together parents, family members, the principal, and teachers to share thoughts and ideas about programs and activities that benefit children. When you become a PTA member, you can make a difference in the lives of Olinda students. It is our goal each year to support our students and school with an increased PTA membership that better reflects our whole school community. With your help, we can make this happen!

Joining the PTA allows you to:

  • Become part of the team working together to improve our school community
  • Help choose Olinda programs and events
  • Have input in the Olinda PTA budget
  • Vote at Olinda PTA meetings
  • Receive school district news and information
  • Learn about curriculum and academic performance of Olinda students
  • Receive a PTA membership card and exclusive discounts
  • Be proud of supporting your child’s school community
  • Be a volunteer role model

How to Join

To join, simply fill out a PTA membership envelope (available on the PTA Board just inside the school’s front door), include membership dues of $15/person (please make checks payable to Olinda PTA), and return it to your child’s teacher. The PTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Or  You can pay your membership dues by clicking below!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Thank you in advance for your participation this school year!

For questions or information, contact your Membership Coordinator,  Nayab Naquvi,  at:

The PTA Membership Drive Is On Now until October 30th

At the end of the drive, the class who collected the highest percentage of memberships (based on number of students in the class) will receive an ice cream party! If more than one membership is collected on behalf of a child, each will count toward the class goal. If parents have children in more than one class, their membership(s) will be counted towards each class goal.

Memberships will be tallied weekly. See the progress of your child’s grade level by checking the PTA
Membership visual display located in the hallway right inside the front door, across from the TK classroom.

Join any time before October 30th, and be counted toward your child’s classroom membership goal!