ASEP Class Descriptions

Fall 2019

Fall 2019 has an exciting line up!


It is challenging to include TK/Kinder students in after school classes.  There is not enough demand for many Kinder only classes, so we usually must combine Kinder students with older grades.  The earlier dismissal time for Kinder means that we need to make special arrangements to supervise these students. In an effort to make accommodations for the number of interested Kinder students while also ensuring their safe care, we offer the following:

TK/Kinder Students may be enrolled in any class open to 1st graders (with instructor approval)  IF one of the following requirements is met:

  • The student is enrolled in Y-Care.


  • The parent or another guardian will supervise the student from school dismissal until the after school class starts.


  • The parent chaperone for the class is a Kinder parent who will be there to supervise Kinder students at school dismissal. (please inquire if this is the case)

Please also consider your child’s personal energy and ability levels when enrolling.  It can be a long day for younger kids!  To inquire about Kinder enrollment in any other class listed as 1st and up, please contact: