A printed and bound photo book with personal pages

The Olinda PTA is producing a photo-heavy yearbook of the 2019-2020 year covering all grades. We will be using an online service called TreeRing to collect and share photos as well as order the yearbooks. Thanks to the thoughtful folks at TreeRing, getting a very nice-looking yearbook is easy, affordable, and even helps raise a small amount of funds for the Olinda PTA.

Many photos for the yearbook have already been taken at PTA/school events by PTA board members, including a picture of each class. TreeRing also allows you to upload your own photos to share with the Olinda community and possible yearbook inclusion. Even cooler, TreeRing allows you to keep your uploaded photos visible only to your account and design your own unique, private, personal yearbook pages (2 are included in the base price).


High-quality, affordable, delivered to you

The price of the yearbook will be about $18 to 25, plus shipping. The final price will vary depending on the final page count in the main yearbook and on whether you choose to order extra personal pages and hard or soft cover. All purchases are made via the TreeRing website (via common web payment options). You will need to create an account with an email and a password.

NOTICE: Due to the Cornoavirus-related school closures, all yearbooks will have to be sent directly to your home. Thankfully, you can send and request virtual signatures including custom messages and images.

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All families are invited to submit photos

Using the TreeRing website, any family can upload photos for possible yearbook inclusion. You can limit your photos to be viewable only by you so that you can use them in designing you own personal pages. Or you can upload them to the Shared Folders, where they will be viewable by all other Olinda families that register with TreeRing. The PTA will review all photos shared there for possible inclusion in the main yearbook. The main factors in our selection will be variety, inclusion of more students, and quality of image. The last day we can accept photos for selection is April 3 extended to April 10.

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Grownups, join the yearbook “staff”

The PTA Historian can use your help on this creative, collaborative project. Potential activities include project management, content management, editing, design, and copywriting.

Contact the Historian

Opting Out

Don’t want pictures of your family used?

We at the Olinda PTA take privacy very seriously. Every family has the opportunity to keep any photos of their children from being published. The PTA will not upload, share with TreeRing, display or publish any photos of anyone in your family if request it. A form for this purpose was sent home with your child the beginning of March. If you missed it, you can download it here:

Download statement of opting out



10 – Shared photos submission deadline
24 – Recommended purchase deadline for delivery by the last week of school


5 – Last day of school

How to get your yearbook(s)

Required steps: register, purchase

Optional steps: upload photos, make personal pages

Once you register, everything else you will want to do is in the same place on TreeRing. As the screenshots below show, all the important choices are listed in a menu below the school name on the left side of the window. (On a mobile device, the menu is activated by clicking on the three horizontal lines icon.) You must be a parent or student 13 years or older.

1. Register

Olinda passcode: 1015838021092051

Click the following button to register on TreeRing (one-time) and have the Olinda code entered automatically:


Alternatively, download registration instructions.

2. Upload photos

Shared Photos

Visible to all Olinda community members on TreeRing; considered for inclusion in the main yearbook. Please put shared photos in one of the existing folders. The deadline for this optional step is April 10.


My Photos

Visible only to you; use in your personal pages.


3. Customize your personal pages

This is your chance to put your own unique words and images into your yearbook. This is completely optional. Every yearbook you order includes 2 personal pages in the base price. You can add additional pages, two at a time, for $.99. Note that your child is likely to share their yearbook with other children. Please keep the content of your personal pages appropriate for sharing. The interface for customizing pages is pretty straightforward, with lots of dragging and dropping, but if you need more help, head over to one of the several help pages from TreeRing.


4. Purchase Yearbook(s)

You are free to purchase at any time, but we recommend doing it by April 24 if you want it delivered to your home by the last week of school.